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Have A Heart For Companion Animals, Inc.


For Immediate Release


Dateline: Ocala, Florida

Date: 9/2/12

Contact: John Marinelli 352-687-1776


Subject: The Johnny Mello Show Fundraiser


Have A Heart for Companion Animals, Inc. has planned another Johnny Mello Show fundraising event featuring eight local recording artist, line dancing, door prizes and lots more.


The show will be held Saturday night October 13th 2012 from 7 p. m. until 10 p. m. in the Silver Springs Shores Community Center, located at 590 Silver Road, Silver Springs Shores. (Itís a show and a dance)


The show will focus on Doo Wop, Rock-n-Roll and Country Music selections from the best of by-gone eras. Itís a fast paced round robin sing off of 1950ís, 1960ís and other bygone era music.


Featured performers include: Johnny Mello, Sultry Lady, Doo Wop Momma, David Max Baldwin, Jimbo Killingsworth, Dennis Trimmer, Eulakay Green, and Uncle Peppy.


There will be a 50/50 Cash Drawing. It has already exceeded $300 to the lucky winner. Food will be available but is extra. This is also a ďBYOBĒ event.


The show will benefit Have A Heart For Companion Animals, Inc., the Silver Springs Shores Residentís Association, Feisty Acres Cat Rescue and Zen Doggie Rescue.


Advance tickets can be obtained by calling Have A Heart for Companion Animals, Inc. or from Theresa at the Silver Springs Community Center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ($10 each at the door or two tickets for $15 in advance).


Ticket holders are asked to bring a bag of dry dog or cat food as a donation for local rescue groups.


For further information, tickets or directions, call John Marinelli at

352-687-1776 or visit


Whether you need a demo or a full production audio recording for your group contact Passion Recording Studio.  Most bands and local groups have very little experience with professional studio recording.  It takes more than just good professional recording equipment to record quality sound.  We will be happy to discuss your groups recording needs and offer suggestions to obtain the best quality for the money you invest.  Please feel free to talk to any of the groups or individuals who have recorded with us.





  • Dance Divine School Of Ballet
  • *P*  We have worked with Ana Jacobs of Dance Divine for about 23 of her 27 years in business in Ocala, helping with her performance audio recording, editing and narration projects.
  • She and her dance group are very professional and put on a wonderful performance.
  • Be sure to attend their next performance   Admission is FREE.
  • CFCC Fine Arts Auditorium.

Their performances are often standing room only, so plan to arrive a little early.





  • Honey's School Of Dance
  • *P*  Watch for their Annual Spring Recital.
  • Honey Nick of "Honey's School Of Dance" has been a long time customer of Passion Recording Studio.  For years we have assisted her with editing her music for her performances.  Honey's school works with young children to young adults, and a variety of dance styles.





Our pricing page includes notes to help you decide what type recording might work best for you and to also make helpful suggestions to save you time and money.  Scroll down the pricing page to the area you are interested in and read all that applies to that section.

Link to Pricing Page:


Gift Certificates Are Available:   Gift certificates can be customized for your specific needs and can be printed with the recipients name and other special messages for special occasions.







Sing-A-Long helpful notes:

The studio can record sing-a-longs in a number of different ways to fit almost any price range.  However, here are some tips to help you get the best recording.

1.  Schedule a visit the studio in person prior to the time you want to record.  This will let you get familiar with the studio layout and discuss your needs with the engineer to determine what will work best for you.  You will be able to preview work the studio has done for others.  We can also offer some mic techniques that will help give you a better recording in less time.

2.  Know your material.  Do not plan to do what most people do at a karaoke club and come in with 23 songs to sing one after the other while reading the words.  Plan on doing one to three songs at a time and know them well.  You might be surprised to see what bad habits you have picked up from singing live without hearing yourself on playback.  You should have a copy of the words, if you think you might need them, typed on one side of a page only, (one or more pages) and double spaced with large type.  This will let you clip the pages to the music stand and see the words without moving the paper.  The sound of turning a page would be picked up by the studio mic.  It also makes it easer to "Q" yourself if you have a mental block.  One more point I would make is that if you ALL of you wordy and double space and provide a copy for the engineer and your producer they can follow along while you are singing and make timing or other notes which will save you time locating problem areas that might need to be fixed.

If you are not having to look at the words you can turn down the lights in the vocal booth and visualize your song and put feeling and expression into your vocal.  If you are reading the words you will never be able to put the feeling into your work and it will sound that way.

Even though we have a large TV monitor available, DO NOT read the words off of the TV monitor.  Most of the time they will not be in sync with the music, or depending on how fast you read and comprehend you may not be able to sing them in time.   Knowing your song is very important.

3.  Aside from knowing your song, Pitch and Timing are the most important aspects of any vocal or instrumental project.  If you have pitch and / or timing issues we will let you know and offer some simple suggestions to help you improve them.

It is better to have one song done Wright that you can be proud of than to have 12 songs that sound bad.



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Your Information Here

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