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December 2014


Please send a copy of this to your friends.      352-237-5135



Our Regular Studio Rates are listed below.

Our pricing page includes notes to help you decide what type recording might work best for you and to also make helpful suggestions to save you time and money.  Scroll down to the area you are interested in and read all that applies to that section.

Gift Certificates Are Available At the Studio or Online

  Gift certificates can be customized for your specific needs and can be printed with the recipients name and other special messages for special occasions.



Studio Rate:

Our studio rate is $55.00/hr.

It includes use of the studio, and basic studio equipment.  The studio will provide an engineer.

We have special pricing for some Studio work.  Items such as CD's, DVD's, Multi-track Recorder Fees, Studio Musician Fees, etc. will be extra.  

Recording may be done by the hourly studio rate or by prepaid blocktime.



Pre-Paid Discounted Block Time:

Must be paid prior to recording date unless paid by cash

in which case it may be paid prior to starting the recording session.

Saturday sessions $250 minimum in advance for most work.

                4 Hour Block @   $205.00 = Save    $15.00              

   6 Hour Block @   $310.00 = Save    $20.00 

  8 Hour Block @   $415.00 = Save    $25.00

10 Hour Block  $515.00 = Save    $35.00

12 Hour Block @   $660.00 = Save    $45.00 

16 Hour Block @   $825.00 = Save    $55.00

20 Hour Block$1,015.00 = Save    $85.00

30 Hour Block @ $1,535.00 = Save  $115.00

40 Hour Block @ $2,050.00 = Save  $150.00


Studio Produced Music Tracks:

Non Custom Music Tracks.          $275.00

Custom Pro Demo Tracks:           $450.00

Top Quality Pro Tracks: minimum $850.00



Sing-a-long prices

*HD-24 Based Recording with punch-in's, no editing, live mix. & 2 takes max.

CDG, though not recommended is available.  $38.00 per song

Includes the $5.00 per song multitrack recorder charge and a Final Mix to CD.

           (after the Final Mix is done, if punch-in's, re-singing of tracks, editing or remix is requested or required, it will normally be done at the regular studio rate).


*Computer Based SAL Recording with limited editing. No CDG

See details toward bottom of this page.

$55.00 Package price per song or

$235.00 Package price for 5 songs.

Includes the $5.00 per song multitrack recorder charge and a Final Mix to CD.


*Top Quality Computer Bassed Recording with full editing

$55.00 per hour or by Pre-Paid Block Time

Includes One Initial Master CD Mix, and the $5.00 per song multitrack recorder charge.



Digital or Analog Mix or Edit: $55.00 /Hour



Copy and Transfer of:

Old Records, Cassette's, or Reel-to-Reel Tape:

When it comes to copying old format to CD we would love to help everyone.  Unfortunately copying old format material to CD with good quality is very time consuming and at times can be difficult.  A lot of old material is being lost because of the expense of copying it to newer format.  If after reviewing the below pricing and information you decide the cost is to great for your project, please feel free to call the studio.  We may be able to offer alternative methods that you can do for much less money to copy your material.  The quality will not likely be as good as you can obtain from a reputable studio, but the cost can be a lot less, especially if you have a lot of old material to copy.  352-237-5135 Wayne


There is a lot of important information below.  Please take the time to review it.

With the tools available to us we can sometimes clean up old records, tapes, etc. and make them sound as good, and in some cases better, than when they were actually recorded.  The cost for doing this depends on a number of factors.  Even doing minor cleanup on old format material using computer software can make a big difference in the sound when compared to a Direct Copy.  You should always discuss your needs for a particular project and decide how much you want to invest in your project.

Good quality transfers of old material takes time.

There are a lot of factors that determine pricing.

Example:  An improved direct copy of an LP in good condition without indexing would normally run $38.00 per LP and usually takes from an hour and a half to three hours.  This process does not include indexing but does include running the material through some automated cleanup software.  This will not remove or fix all of the problems that might be in the audio or problems caused by damaged tracks.

Clean up and indexing of an LP record, (12 songs max), would normally start at $58.00 per LP and could go higher depending on the condition of the LP and the amount of time it takes to restore it to the desired state.

Though not required for most of our customers projects, complete cleanup, indexing, fixing and repairing to the extent possible bad or damaged tracks, etc. can run $100.00 to $350.00 or more per LP, depending on what has to be done and how long it takes.

By the way, when I refer to a direct copy transfer, it is not like putting a cassette into an old duel cassette tape deck and pressing the high speed copy button.  To transfer any old format material to CD will generally require a substantial amount of time for computer editing.  The material will generally need to be copied into the computer at normal speed while monitoring for problems, and at least bringing the audio up to CD levels.

In the case of old real to real tape the copying process gets more complicated due to the condition of old tapes, excessive noise, gaps or blank spaces, loud noises in the recorded material or pops made by the recording unit when recording was started or stopped, things recorded at different speeds, things recorded at different levels or with several people at different distances from the recording mic, the degree of tape oxidation, and much more.

I have on occasion had reels brought in that had for example various songs listed on the box and the customer advising that these songs were recorded by a friend or relative and there were a number of songs on the reel, only to find out when the reel was played through on both sides that there was only a total of two songs on the whole reel of tape.  The artist or someone over the years apparently erased what was originally recorded or recorded over it with other things.


Old Records - Copy to CD:

LP Records $38.00 per LP 

"Improved Direct Copy" to CD:

You can only fit 79 minutes max of audio on an 80 minute standard CD.  For LP records that means about 1.5 records per CD if you want to break up the ablums.  Most people put one LP per CD. 

Note: The studio will run the copy of your LP Record material through some automated software to try to improve the quality of the copied material.  If the records are scratched or have other defects that may cause loud pops, noise, repeat play or track jumping, etc. that the automated software will not remove or fix then additional manual editing may need to be done in order to bring the levels of the audio up to CD quality levels and/or fix the tracking problems.  This could result in a higher charge.  If the customer decides not to clean the audio tracks, (remove pops, noise, try to fix tracking, etc.), the audio level may be very low and the pops loud.  Also only quick fixes will be applied to track jumping or repeated play caused by damaged tracks.  No attempt will be made to fix or repair these areas on the record copy.

45 RPM Records Indexed on the CD direct copy:

Generally (1) 45 for $10.00 or up to (6) 45's for $58.00 

Copies of 45 RPM records will be indexed on the CD since the songs are copied one song at a time from the records.  This require more time and work than copying LP's.  The same statements as listed above also apply to noise, pops, track problems, etc.



LP, 45, 78 Records - "Direct Copy" to CD

This is our least expensive copy process.  The quality is generally very poor, (see the above and below cleanup and repair notes).

78 RPM to CD Direct Copy - no cleanup, no indexing, no fixing. for someone with a lot of records that does not require quality.  $28.00 / LP with simple lable and paper sleeve.

45 or 78 RPM to CD Direct Copy - Same as above.

(1) 45 or 78 Record to CD $8.00

(6) 45 or 78 Records to CD $28.00  

In the case of "direct copy" of records, most people would not like most direct copies.  There are frequently loud pops from scratches or other types of damage to the grooves.  Too often there are problems that cause the needle to jump from one track to another or replay one track over and over until the needle is manually moved to an adjoining track.  Most of the time these problems should be fixed, which takes a lot more time and would NOT be part of a DIRECT Copy.  A direct copy without fixing these problems might have the needle jumping from track to track or skating across the record even when all other precautions have been taken to prevent this from happening.  Occasionally someone will bring in a record which has had the center hole punched off center, which will cause the audio to vary in pitch.  Most customers would not want to pay for even a partial fix of this type problem, so those records are usually copied as is.



Cassette Tape Copy and Transfers:


"Direct Copy" - No Indexing and No Fixes

 60 Min. Approx. 18 songs $25.00 to one CD

90 Min. Approx. 27 songs $39.00 to two CD's

120 Min. Approx. 36 songs $49.00 to two CD's

Includes CD, Label and Paper Sleeve.

(These prices are for cassettes in good condition that do not require special needs such as splicing as a result of tape brakeage due to age or condition of tapes, loud noise that may need to be removed in order to bring the audio up to CD levels, etc.).  If loud pops or noise exist and the customer decides not to remove them, (removal could result in a higher cost), or if the noise can not be removed the audio may be at lower than normal levels on the CD.



Indexed with some minimal editing and fixes:

60 Min. Approx. 18 songs $38.50 to one CD

90 Min. Approx. 27 songs $57.75 to two CD's

120 Min. Approx. 36 songs $76.80 to two CD's

Additional charges of $3.50 per song will be charged for each song above the listed amount.

(Tapes more than 60 minutes long are usually about 1/2 the thickness of a 60 minute tape.  This price is for cassettes in good condition that do not require special needs such as splicing as a result of tape brakeage due to age or condition of tapes).  Minimal editing to reduce some problems that may need to be improved in order to bring the audio up to CD levels, etc. will be attempted using automated or other methods to improve the audio quality).  If loud pops, noise, or other problems exist that require manual or other more detailed fixes and the customer decides not to remove them, (removal could result in a higher cost), or if the noise or problem can not be fixed or removed the audio may be at lower than normal levels on the CD.  When cassettes contain more than the listed number of songs an additional charge of $3.50 for every song over the song limit will be charged for indexed cassettes.

If cassettes need to be placed in new cassette boxes due to problems with the tape or original box, the charge will be $8.00 plus the cost of the new screw case replacement box.



Old Reel-To-Reel Tapes:

Old Reel-To-Reel Tapes - Copy:

Generally we will need to look at your old reels to determine the condition and to perform other checks to try and determine how much material is on the reel and at what speeds.  All of these factors and many others can affect the cost of transferring them to a CD(s).  Once this is done we will try to give you an estimated price or range for what we agree to try and accomplish for the customer.  If during the copy process we encounter problems which could cause this price to run more than the estimate we will attempt to contact the customer and discuss the options.


Old reels of tape are the most difficult to copy.  Old reels of tape are usually heavily oxidized, some to the point the tape will stick to the heads and guides, which can cause the tape to drag, make undesirable sounds, or even stop moving across the heads.  The tape machine heads and guides have to be cleaned frequently, sometimes with really bad tape every few feet of tape run.  The tape can also easily break which requires splicing. Sometimes proper baking of the old tapes can make them more playable but that does not fix all of the other problems.  Other problems with reels is that people often changed speeds from one recording to the next.  Notes that were attached to reels or reel boxes often state what is supposed to be on the reel.  Most of the time the tapes have been recorded over or changed and the written information not updated or changed.  I have had people bring in reels of tape stating there is only one song on the tape and that is what they want copied, only to find out there were fifteen songs on the reel, some on each side and none of them the correct song.  I have also had reels of tape that are suppose to contain an album of songs or a lecture only to find there was nothing on the tape except noise because someone years ago erased the tape.  That is the reason I like to spot check the tapes when they are brought in.  I have to copy the tapes in real time.  If there is noting on the reel or the song you want is not on the reel you will still be charged a minimum charge for the time it takes to process that reel.  There will be a minimum fee of $40.00 to be paid up front for any reels of tape to be processed.

Please call if you have additional questions.

Studio 352-237-5135



Professional Voice Over Work:

As low as - $40.00 to $50.00 for first hour and $25.00 / hour for additional hours, depending on the person doing the VO work.

(Plus the studio hourly rate).


Professional Studio LV or BV Work:

As low as - $50.00 per song, per singer. Vocalist recording both LV and BV parts $75.00 Minimum. For LV with multiple BV parts $100.00 Minimum.  (studio time for recording the vocals, editing or mixdown will be in addition to the above prices).



Please call for information or pricing for anything not listed on this page.




Detailed information relating to most of our studio pricing is listed below.


Note about some studio terms:  Scratch Mix, Final Mix & Final Master Mix.

Scratch Mix:

A Scratch Mix is an initial mix that is usually done to let the customer hear a rough copy of their material.  It can sometimes be close to a Final Mix, but usually does not go into as much detail as a Final Mix.

Example:  If our studio musician created a music track for someone, he might do a scratch mix for the customer.  Since the musician has worked with the customer in creating the song and knows best what the customer is looking for, he can quickly edit the instrument tracks, modifying instrument sounds, fx., EQ, signal processing, levels, etc. to give the customer a good sample of what they are looking for.  Sometimes these edits will include some timing and pitch fixes that can approach what would be done in a final mix.


Final Mix:

Final Mixes take the scratch mix up a notch.  Generally they will tweak the work that was done on the scratch mix.  Final Mixes usually go into more detail when it comes to timing, pitch, vocal and instrument leveling in the various tracks.  Final mixes put a little more polish on the scratch mixes.


Final Master Mixes:

Final Master Mixes are much more detailed mixes.  They involve close attention to all of the above.  The Scratch Mix & Final Mix are done as quickly as possible to give the average customer a good quality mix at the lowest price.  Final Master Mixes can be done at varying levels and more than once depending on the customers budget and to what degree they want their material cleaned up, edited, etc.  They usually include use of mastering software not used in normal final mixes.  A Final Master Mix will cost substantially more simply because it takes much longer to do, but it can often take an average sounding song and give it the punch, clarity and dynamics to make it really stand out and have a more professional sound. 


Re:  Multi-track recorder charges.  The studio will charge a $5.00 fee per song for temporary storage of any format of multi-track recording done in our studio except in the case where the customer provides their own Hard Drive or Digital Recording Tape of an approved type for use in our studio.  (Call for information).  For large or continuing projects it is strongly recommended that the customer provide there own personal studio approved type hard drive for storing their projects.  People frequently tell me they don't need a copy of their multi-track project once it is mixed down.  Those same people will call day's, week's or month's later wanting to know if I can remix, fix, change or add  something to their recording.  When projects are recorded on studio hard driver the data will only be saved for a limited time.  Also studio hard drives are heavily used and more susceptible to crashing, which frequently means loss of all data on the drive.  We Strongly advise providing your own permanent storage device for your project.  Once it is gone, it's gone.

Pre-Paid Discounted Block Time:  

Pre-paid Block Time means that the total block payment is made prior to the recording session, which guarantees the studio payment.  Since the customer is paying in advance for their recording time, they will receive a discount off of the regular studio rate. The larger the block of time the greater the amount of discount. Studio Blocks consist of 4 hrs., 6 hrs., 8 hrs., 10 hrs., 16 hrs., 20 hrs., 30 hrs., or 40 hrs. Each of these will be listed below with the prices.

All block rates include the same as the basic studio rate listed above. The customer does not have to use the entire block of time during one session.  The customer may divide their block into smaller blocks of thirty minutes each, but not less than four hour blocks for live bands, or one hour blocks for song writers recording single instrument demos. Each four hour block will include a fifteen minute break, and each eight hour block will include a one hour meal break. Any time over-runs will be charged at the regular studio rate unless another block of time is purchased.

All block time must be prepaid! If paying by check, the check must be submitted at least 12 days prior to the scheduled recording session to allow time for it to clear. Cash or credit card payments can be made at the studio PRIOR TO STARTING ANY RECORDING.  There will be a small convenience charge for payments made by credit or debit cards.

If your recording session is scheduled for a Saturday, a pre-paid one hundred fifty dollar ($150.00) non refundable deposit is required unless your project has been prepaid.  The minimum fee for a Saturday session is $150 excluding other charges.



Pre-Paid Block Time Rates:

                 4 Hour Block @   $205.00 = Save    $15.00              

   6 Hour Block @   $310.00 = Save    $20.00 

  8 Hour Block @   $415.00 = Save    $25.00

10 Hour Block  $510.00 = Save    $40.00

16 Hour Block @   $825.00 = Save    $55.00

20 Hour Block$1,015.00 = Save    $85.00

30 Hour Block @ $1,525.00 = Save  $125.00

40 Hour Block @ $2,050.00 = Save  $150.00

Important Note: Discounted prepaid block time purchases are valid for Studio Recording time and mix/edit time only. It is not valid for other purchases of tape, CD's, DVD's, multitrack or hard disk recorder fees, equipment, or payment of studio musician charges, etc. Prepaid Block time is not redeemable for cash and has no cash value other than as outlined above. Prepaid block time must be used within 90 days of purchase date. Unused time is not redeemable for cash.

A non refundable deposit may be required for some project scheduling. No Show's will be charged a minimum $35.00 fee, unless ample notification is given. A $150.00 non refundable deposit may be required for booking a Saturday session.  When large block bookings fail to show up as scheduled they cost the studio lost revenue from others who may have scheduled that time. For this reason block deposits and no show fees must be charged and are not refundable.





Sing-A-Long helpful notes:

The studio can record sing-a-longs in a number of different ways to fit almost any price range.  However, here are some tips to help you get the best recording.

1.  Schedule a visit the studio in person prior to the time you want to record.  This will let you get familiar with the studio layout and discuss your needs with the engineer to determine what will work best for you.  You will be able to preview work the studio has done for others.  We can also offer some mic techniques that will help give you a better recording in less time.

2.  Know your material.  Do not plan to do what most people do at a karaoke club and come in with 23 songs to sing one after the other while reading the words.  Plan on doing one to three songs at a time and know them well.  You might be surprised to see what bad habits you have picked up from singing live without hearing yourself on playback.  You should have a copy of the words, if you think you might need them, typed on one side of a page only, (one or more pages) and double spaced with large type.  This will let you clip the pages to the music stand and see the words without moving the paper.  The sound of turning a page would be picked up by the studio mic.  It also makes it easer to "Q" yourself if you have a mental block.  One more point about typing the words  is that if you double space and provide a copy for the engineer and your producer they can follow along while you are singing and make timing or other notes which will save everyone time locating problem areas that might need to be fixed.

If you are not having to look at the words you can turn down the lights in the vocal booth and visualize your song and put feeling and expression into your vocal.  If you are reading the words you will never be able to put the feeling into your work and it will sound that way.

Even though we have a large TV monitor available, DO NOT read the words off of the TV monitor.  Most of the time they will not be in sync with the music, or depending on how fast you read and comprehend you may not be able to sing them in time.   Knowing your song is very important.

3.  Aside from knowing your song, Pitch and Timing are the most important aspects of any vocal or instrumental project.  If you have pitch and / or timing issues we will let you know and offer some simple suggestions to help you improve them.

It is better to have one song done Right that you can be proud of than to have 12 songs that sound bad.


Sing-A-Longs:  Description

Sing-A-Longs are Karaoke style recordings done in the studio using studio equipment and recording techniques.  They involve recording a voice or an instrument to a prerecorded music track that the customer must provide.  The studio will only provide the customer with one copy of their finished recording unless the customer has a mechanical license or written authorization from the producer of the music track authorizing further duplication.

The customer will be responsible for all copyright, royalty, and/or mechanical license.

More Notes about Sing-A-Longs:

We frequently receive calls from people wanting to record their sing-a-longs, who want to book thirty minutes to an hour in the studio to record twelve to twenty three songs.  They often advise the songs are only three and a half to four minutes long and that they regularly sing that many songs in that amount of time when they are singing Karaoke on stage.

We have recorded thousands of people and even though there are always exceptions the average time spent in the studio to get reasonable quality recordings averages between an hour and a half to two and one half hours per song.  There are exceptions!  If you have never done studio recording before you may not believe this and think the studio is trying to run up there bill.  If you are not sure start with just one song and see how that goes. 

Recording using studio mic's, equipment and recording techniques is a lot different from using an SM-58, (if you are lucky), on a live stage.  Small mistakes that are made while singing live on poor quality equipment are generally overlooked by the audience.  When those same mistakes are captured using good quality equipment they sound bad and need to be fixed, by the singer when possible.  (Today's studios can fix almost anything, but that usually requires a lot of time and expense).

Singers who just want to try out their recording skills in the studio should initially book a small amount of time and plan on doing only one or two songs.  This will keep the cost down and let them gain experience and find out what they are capable of doing.  Another option would be to use the package pricing below, for a first time recording.  This would limit your expense, though the quality might not be what you would like.  



Regular Sing-a-long package prices  

The sing-a-long package price, multi track recording format covers all cost including the $5.00 charge for the multitrack recorder use and the $11.75 charge for the final Master CD.  The customer must supply their own sing-a-long music track(s).  Packaged pricing is primarily designed for first time recording where a fixed price is the issue, not recording quality.

  When recording using the package pricing, the singer will only be given two takes with limited punch-in's.  The best of the two takes will be used.

Recording is done on digital multi track equipment with punch in's, edit and final mix. Limit 20 minutes each song, including mixdown time, for package priced Sing-A-Longs.  

$55.00 Package price per song or

$235.00 Package price for 5 songs.

Note:  If sing-a-longs are done at the hourly rate, rather than the packaged price rate, the time and number of takes or punch-in's depends on how long you want to spend on the project.

For a more professional sound, Sing-a-longs may be done at the regular studio rate or by purchasing block time:  The above package price sing-a-longs are not designed for quality finished vocal or instrumental work.  Normally quality recording requires more time for recording, edit and mix down than that offered in the above packages.  Those who need to perfect their material  should use Block Time or the Hourly Rate for their recording.  Multi track recorder charges and Master CD prices are not included in the block or hourly rate pricing.





Studio Produced Music Tracks:


Non Custom Music Tracks.       $275.00

(These music tracks are done without the customer present in the studio).

Bring in, mail or send and mp3 copy of your song with your vocal and the words typed out double spaced on one side of the paper only or a computer printable copy of your lyrics.  The chord progression on the lyrics sheet would help but is not a must.  Advise the style of music track you want and the type of instruments you prefer.  If you are looking for a particular sound give or provide a reference.

These music tracks will be created using one or more of the following instruments.  Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Keyboard instruments, Keyboard Drums.

You must provide a valid phone number where you can be contacted in the event of questions about your project.  A valid email address is also needed.

Make sure your song is complete and in the correct order; verse, chorus, bridge, etc.  If you leave something out and it has to be put in after the song is finished there will be an extra charge depending on what has to be done to fix the p[roblem.

These are not custom music tracks.  They will be the quality of our samples but will not be returnable in most cases for re-work without additional charges.

Custom Tracks, are explained below and involve the musician(s), engineer and customer working together in the studio to create the music track

Call or email your info to 352-237-5135



Custom Pro Demo Tracks:   $450.00

(These music tracks are done in our studio with our studio musician and the customer working together to create their song).

(Keyboard sequence and/or live instruments). $450.00 ea.  Using our Chief Studio Musician:  Michael L. Chauncey

We are very proud of our high quality studio produced music tracks. Especially since they rival the quality of much more expensive music tracks. For example, our Custom Pro Demo Tracks cost $450.00 per song and may contain, high quality fully instrumented keyboard sequences or keyboard live play, live bass, live guitar including rhythm and lead using acoustic guitar, electric guitar or both, harmonica, etc. with or without effects.  These tracks compare to tracks costing much more.  Our Chief studio musician works directly with the customer in our studio to try and bring to life the style and sounds the customer is looking for.


Please Note:  We have been producing high quality music tracks for over twenty years and have a very good track record.  We will make every effort to produce a quality music track for each customer.  Often times when producing a new original song there are many directions the song can take.  The customer should have a good idea of what they want prior to starting the project.  Sometimes a song takes on a life of its own and builds into something different from the customers original vision, which is ok if the customer is in agreement. The customer needs to approve each stage of the process when doing these custom music tracks.  If the customer and the musician try something new with the track production and it is not working the customer needs to advise the musician as soon as possible.  Do not wait for all the instruments to be added in and the song to be finished to do this.  Once the live played instruments are recorded and the song is finished or nearly finished there may be additional charges to change the song.  Example: (add a bridge,  change the basic melody, key, tempo, etc.).  These type changes can easily be made during the early production stage of the song creation.  The customer, writer or vocalist will be working with the musician(s), to accomplish the production of the music track the way they want it, as long as what they want can be musically produced by us in the studio.

Changes to the song after the completion date will likely involve additional charges by the musician and the studio.  At times after a song has been produced and the person the track was produced for has had time to listen repeatedly to the song they may develop additional ideas that might improve or change the song.  In some cases these changes can be done with little involvement.  In other cases the changes may be very involved or even require re-making the song.  For song re-makes or major changes there will be additional charges to the customer depending on the extent of the changes.

Music Tracks Include:

* Musical Arrangement by our Studio Musician, Michael L. Chauncey.    

* Studio Time for Recording the Music Tracks.                                                     

* Use of normal studio recording & music equipment.                              

* Recording of a Short Take Scratch Vocal with a Scratch Mix.         


A Short take or scratch vocal is recorded in one or two takes early in the track production and used to assist in locating instrument punch points during track production.  (They are not finished vocals).  Finished Vocal Recording and Final Studio Mixes are done separately at the regular studio rate of $55.00 per hour.             

* Also included is one Master CD with label and box, and the multitrack recorder charges.

Note:  (Finished Vocal work by our studio vocalist)

If Finished Vocals are provided by our studio musician during the music production session, a minimum of $50.00 per song charge for a Lead Vocal or a Backup Vocal, or $75.00 for a Lead Vocal and a Back-up Vocal if done by our chief studio musician Michael Chauncey, while the song is being produced in the studio.  Multiple Lead Vocal parts or Complicated Back-up Vocal parts of more than two parts are $100.00 per song, plus the studio time to record and mix them.  These prices are based on the fact that our chief studio musician Michael Chauncey who is already in the studio being paid to produce the music track can record the vocals while still in the studio saving transportation and setup cost.

Vocal work by any of our studio vocalist that require them to have to commute to the studio for the purpose of recording will require an additional charge to cover the transportation cost.  These cost may vary depending on how far they have to commute.  Most of the studio vocalist will provide vocal work for the same pricing as listed above plus transportation cost.  A few vocalist have special pricing.  You can discuss your needs with the studio and decide who would work the best for your project.  Vocal work can also be done outside the studio from anywhere in the world and added to your song.



Pro Tracks:

(Multiple studio musicians and/or extra live instrument parts). Normally, $850.00  minimum up to $1,800.00 per song.  Special pricing for special request is also available. Total price will depend on the type and total number of musicians needed for the project.  These are our top quality music tracks.  Call us with your particular needs for pricing.

Pro Tracks, are Similar to the Custom Pro Demo Tracks above except that Pro Tracks include more live instruments, such as steel guitar, horns, violin/fiddle, banjo, etc.  The price covers the studio and musician's time to record one song of average length.  Most multi musician and multi instrument songs require from four to ten hours or more for production.  Depending on the number of musicians and type and number of instruments.  The price also includes a rough scratch mix of the finished session.  (The price does not include close editing for final mix or cost for any re-mixing, which is done at the regular studio rate or at the block time rate.   Master CD cost $11.75 and Multi-track recorder use cost of $10.00 / song for 7 to 24 tracks will also apply.  Over 24 tracks using HD-24 format is $10.00 per additional eight tracks). If recording the multi-track project in the computer the multi-track price will be $10.00 per song total for any number of tracks up to 100 tracks.



Digital or Analog Mix or Edit: $55.00 /Hour

Professional Voice Over Work:  As low as - $40.00 to $50.00 for first hour and $25.00 / hour for additional hours, depending on the person doing the VO work. (Plus the studio hourly rate).  Note:  Some voice over artist charge more than others and more than the above listed prices.  Please contact the studio with your needs.  We have professional people available who can do voices, accents, languages, etc.

Professional Studio LV or BV Work: As low as - $50.00 per song, per singer. Vocalist recording both LV and BV parts $75.00 Minimum. For LV with multiple BV parts $100.00 Minimum.  (Does not include studio time for recording the vocals, editing or mixdown).  We also have professional vocalist who charge more than the above listed rate.  Call for information, or check for samples on our web.

Gift Certificates Are Available:  Gift certificates can be customized for your specific needs and can be printed with the recipients name other other special messages for special occasions.


Call or contact us to discuss any pricing questions you might have

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