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Past Studio Projects

               Reckless Faith  



"The Royal Guardsmen"

Rick Cosner - Drums      Pat Waddell - Gutar    Bill Taylor - Keyboards

Chris Nunley - Lead Vocal      Bill Balough - Bass 

The Royal Guardsmen recently recorded a "Soul Medly"  "Beatles Medley"

and "Searchin' For The Good Times" medley, before kicking off a new tour schedule.


        Bonnie Daniels & Mike Chauncey
  • Bonnie Daniels is one of the best song writers I've ever met.  She writes a wide variety of music, including Country, Christian, Pop, Patriotic, Blues, Ballads, Easy Listening, and more.  Her words and music are powerful and paint vivid visual pictures.
  • She has one of the largest quanity of very high quality professional music demos I have ever heard.  Her material is fresh, and beautiful.  Samples of her work can be reviewed on the "Spotlight Page"


                            Gregory L. Epps  



Col. Lamar Hunt and his wife Shirley

     Lamar & Shirley Hunt

Retired US Army Col. Lamar Hunt and his wife Shirley write there own music and sing some of there favorits.  Our chief studio musician Mike, created demo music tracks for several of there songs.



    Lamar and Shirley have been singing together since they met at a church camp meeting in 1954.  Lamar's     ministry and their music have taken them to 30 countries.

Shirley began singing in church as a child, and soon was a regular over WMOP Radio in Ocala, Florida.  Lamar learned to play guitar at age 13, and as a teenager played mandolin with The Florida Farm Boys over WLAK in Lakeland, Florida.

During Lamar's 30 years of active duty as an Army Chaplain they performed in officers clubs, Army Chapels, and civilian churches.  They recently released a CD, Lamar And Shirley Sing, which was produced in the Passion Recording Studio in Ocala, Florida

In addition to many Gospel songs Lamar has written a Christmas Cantata and an Easter Cantata.  A prolific writer, he also writes Country and Pop Songs.


Below are some short samples of Lamar and Shirleys work.  To hear the uncut songs or songs from their new release or for more information you can visit their web site at or send them an email to 

"Lamar and Shirley Sing" can be purchased for $12.50 which will also cover postage.  You can send a check direct to Lamar Hunt, PO Box 463, Candler , Fl 32111 





Jim Kirk

Jim Kirk has been in radio for years.  He also has written books, including a book of poems.  After having his book published, "The Bard of Forgetful Valley" (pictured at left), Jim decided to go one step further.  He came into the studio and read the entire 201 page book and produced an audio version of the book complete with music and sound effects which is available as a four CD package.

Jim has plans in the near future to record a second book.

Here are some samples of his audio book.

Jim Kirk audio book sample





Ben Campbell

Ben Campbell.  Ben is a very talented young man who plays finger picked style and other styles of acoustic guitar.   Ben has also been available for fill in recording in the studio.





      Tom Waite & Granddaughter Karley Gordon 08-03-2008

Bubbley - Karley Gordon 

I Can Only Imagine - Tome Waite & Karley Gordon 

It Is No Secret - Tom Waite 



              Martina Cline "Martine Baker" 



         Carswell Ponder



          Mark Showalter
  • Born Orlando Florida. Started in music at the age of 7 years old & spent the following years learning to play the organ & then the guiutar. Performer/Instructor for over 30 years. Started recording at C.F.C.C. in 1980 & slowly built up my personal recording studio. Music styles from Cat Stevens/Jim Croce/James Taylor to Pink Floyd/ELP to Tangerine Dream. Began working with Wayne Johnston in the fall of 1996 in midi & music technology. 
  • Orion 05-21-2008


     Mark Alfarone
  • Real-estate Study Course and a Real-estate Broker Course
  • Mark Alfarone, is a chief instructor at Central Florida Community Comunity College, and has created audio cassette, and CD study courses for both Real-estate and Real-estate Broker courses.  The studio material is excellent and well laid out.  They should help anyone pass the Florida State Exams.


              Alan Bush



           Cynthis Musson
  • Cynthia, traveled from England to record her album.  Mike Chauncey, our studio musician arranged all of her songs and created her music tracks.
  • Cynthis writes her own songs and has a great voice.  She puts her own style and personality into each song.
  • I'm Standing Firm
  • In Love With Jesus
  • As We Bow




         Alex Groot & Josh Lees
  • Alex Groot & Josh Lees are the winners of the Marion County 2006 Florida Springs Festival Spring Song Contest.
  • Father and stepson worked together on the project.  Alex Groot (Stepfather) plays the acustic guitar, harmonica, KB drums, and provides the vocal.  Josh, is a very talented 14 year old bass player and artist.






     Carla Crean
  • Writer/musician/singer
  • Third Album - Pop/Easy Listening CD
  • Carla has worked on and appeared in a multi-government United Way telavision video.  The video included material developed for Carla at Passion Studio using one of her original songs with modified lyric's.  The video was released regionally and could be released nationally.  It involved Military, US Postal Services, and many other local and federal government organizations.  The video production was excellent.
  • Click here to listen to a sample of the Original Song "My Love's Still Alive"




           Norma Twaddell 
  • Mrs. Twaddell is recording her first album. 
  • Mrs Twaddell enjoys singing and decided she wanted to record an album of songs.  She has been learning a lot of studio recording techniques that will also help her when singing live performances.





    Isabella Bombachi Cubi
  • Isabella has returned to the studio to work on a new project. 
  • She has come a long way vocally since she last recorded with us in 2000.
  • More updates to follow soon
  • Daddy's Hands
  • Heart Over Minds




     Toby May
  • Toby, is a dynamite country artist.  Toby play's guitar and writes his own songs.  He is a very talented musician and singer.



     Ryan Griffin
  • This was Ryan with his brother below a few years ago.  Ryan was a very talented young country music artist. His brother Chad Griffin is an exceptional country music song writer.
  • Ryan moved to Nashville where he attended Belmont College, and worked for a publishing company.  He has done demo vocal work in Nashville, writes great songs and is an up and coming artist.  One of the songs recorded with us was "Send Me An Angel To Love", written by his brother Chad Griffin.  Keep up the good work Ryan.  
  • Click here to listen to "A Love Like This"
     Chad Griffin
  • Chad is a very talented song writer.  He has writen several songs for his brother, Ryan Griffin.



Angela Lang

Country Artist

Is an incredibly talented country music singer/songwriter. Angela's first album for the most part feature songs she has written. All of her songs are well written and possess the qualities to become country hit songs. The studio's favorite is "No Tears In Heaven".



     Paul Rogers  Paul was a good friend with lots of talent.  Paul was killed in a motor cycle accident, but his   music lives on.  



   "The Lenny Wilson Trio" with vocals by Jimmy Charles Lenny has some new members in his group and is still playing in the Villages and other locations.  You can visit his web site at:


     Sam Wynn 


     Sonshine Quartet 


    Eugene R. Maxwell
  • Mr. Maxwell is a writer who also likes to sing to music tracks.  He likes the old mountain country style of vocals. 
  • The sample below is an original song he had recorded at another studio.  Passions chief studio musician overdubbed some guitar and strings to add a little more life to the track.
  • Five Foot Wooden Circle



     Ralph Dragotto  
  • Ralph is an excelent song writer and Vocalist.
  • One of his songs was recorded by Connie Stevens



    Audree Santana 
  • Audree states that this undertaking comes at a very late time in her life.  However, she believes it's never too late for a shower of rain.  After not using her voice for over twenty five years due to surgery, she now believes the lord is restoring it some what and she plans to start singing for Him again.
  • O Divine Redeemer



     Richard Kale and Betsy Starr


     Junior Kelly Marchena 


wpeA.jpg (183272 bytes)      Angela Davis
  • Angela records her own material and does vocal work for others.




    Greg Craig
  • Greg Craig has excellent Christian based material. His album features a beautiful blend of songs, written and sung by Greg that could easily become standards, such as "Island Of Dreams", "Bless This Child" and "Rose Of Heaven". Greg, has already received interest from independent record producers.  

     Sara K
  • Sarah is a dynamite young country singer that could be the next Brinda Lee, but with her own style.  She started singing at PRS studio at age 10.   She has original music and great sound.



           "Isaiah" - Christian Rock Album

            Pastor James Stephens - Religious Teaching Series Tapes

            Mike Booth - Several Music Projects - Performed On Tour with the "Jordanaires"

            Barry Windslow - Of "Snoopy And The Red Barron" Fame

            C.C. Rider - (Writer of song with same name), Personal Project Work for an album

            Jim Bob Tinsley - Project Work (National Cowboy Hall Of Fame), Author, lecturer,

             entertainer, and close personal friend of Gene Autry & Roy Rogers.

            Peggy Burdorf - Album of Original Christian Songs

            Mohamed Fareeduddin - Traditional Songs

            Pablo Garcia - Original Spanish Song

            David Mathis - Original Country Music Writer and Singer

            Todd Smith - "Target Marketing"

            Linda English Holland - Writer and vocalist. 

           And Many Others

Please contact our studio if you would like any information.

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